The Crypto You


The babies picked up their weapons and defended their planet!
In the PVE Combat, the baby will defeat the invaders, challenge the Boss, and obtain rewards such as MILK, BABY, tokens, keys, equipment, etc. When players gather a certain number of Keys, they can loot the chests for tokens, equipment, mounts, pets, etc. Players need to pay a certain amount of MILK as a ticket to the PVE Combat.

PVE Combat

What do you need to participate?

3 babies + MILK for tickets.
You need three babies to participate in the PVE Combat. You also need MILK to buy the tickets. Different combats and different levels of combat require different amounts of MILK.

What’s the combat level and enemy?

You can choose the combat level according to the babies you have. Be sure to select the appropriate combat level with appropriate levels of Babies. If your Babies have lower levels and choose the high-level combat, you will lose the fight. If your Babies have higher levels and only tend to try the low-level combat, there will also be punishment that offers less rewards.
Be sure to match them!!
When players start the combat, the system will randomly match the enemies in combat for you. You don’t need to manage the fight or any skill during the combat.

What’s critical to win?

Your attributes, your Baby level, and your team combo.

Can I use 3 Bitcoin Holders then?

No, you need to have 3 different characters for one team combo.

How’s the reward?

The higher your combat level is, and the higher the enemy you randomly get, the higher chance you will get a great reward. The reward also depends on your luck, which means the reward you get each time of the victory may not be the same, and there’s a chance of getting huge rewards in one combat. See if you are the lucky ones.
You can claim the rewards after you finish the combat.

What’s the daily limit?

Each baby has a limited number of combats in a single day. Babies of level 1-3 can participate in 3 combats a day, and the number of combats for babies of level 4 and above equal to their level. The limit will be reset at 12 AM UTC.

Black Swans

The first groups of Dark Force on the planet are those Swans? They are not the normal ones!! We heard that Black Swan would bring bad lucks and destroy the whole planet’s fatality. Let’s fight against the Black Swans!
Possible Enemies: Young Black Swans, Grown Black Swans, King of Black Swans
Loot Items: MILK, BABY, Keys
MILK Consumed:
Lv1 Black Swan - 2,000 MILK/combat
Lv2 Black Swan - 4,000 MILK/combat
Lv3 Black Swan - 10,000 MILK/combat
Lv4 Black Swan - 20,000 MILK/combat
Lv5 Black Swan - 50,000 MILK/combat

Flash Loan

The sudden flashes scare the helicopter out of babies. They are fast and hard to catch, and they will suddenly come out to flash you to blind. Let’s put on some glasses and defeat them!!
Possible Enemies: Round Flash, Flash Squad, Giant Flashlight
Loot Items: MILK, BABY, Keys
MILK Consumed:
Lv3 Flash Loan - 12,000 MILK/combat
Lv4 Flash Loan - 24,000 MILK/combat
Lv5 Flash Loan - 60,000 MILK/combat
Lv6 Flash Loan - 120,000 MILK/combat
Lv7 Flash Loan - 240,000 MILK/combat